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Poetry Publications:

"This is Me Following," (Rhino, Spring 2016)

"The Outward Visible Sign," Aperion Review (Spring 2016)

“Bee Flat Sonnet,” The Moth (Summer 2014)

“School Lunch,” “The Dentist,” and “At Fourteen,” Ithaca Lit (Summer 2014)

“Motherhood,” “The Cake and The Chalice,” Stone Canoe (Winter 2014)

“One-Eyed Ironing,” “Molding My Father,” and “Aural Lesson,” Ithaca Lit (Fall 2013)

“Reincarnation,” The Healing Muse (Winter 2011)

“Learning to Spell,” The Paterson Literary Review, (Spring 2011)

Forgetting the Salt (Foothills Press, 2008)

 “I am No More or Less,” The Healing Muse (October 2007)

“Birthday Poem for My Mother,” the (Summer 2005)

Inhabit,” The Cream City Review (Fall 2005)

“The Way to Attain,” The Comstock Review (January 2004)

“Queen Size,” The Mississippi Review (March 2003)

“Portrait,” Icon (Fall 2002)

“Ishin Denshin,” The Hollins Critic (December 2001)

“The Right-Tusked Dream,” The Mississippi Review (February 2000)

“On A Curved Throne,” The Beacon Street Review (December 1999)

“The Fisherman” Icarus (November 1999)

“Morning Commute,” Perspectives on Multiculturalism and Diversity (Summer 1999)

“It Will Fall Off,” The New Coin (1997)

“A Poem for Catherine the Great,” “Freezer Burn,” The Naugahyde Literary Journal (Summer 1996)

“Thinking of you,” “This is Not a Sex Poem,” The Naugahyde Literary Journal (Winter 1996)

CNF Publications:

"Blood and Chocolate," in Laborday: True Birth Stories by Today's Women Writers. (FSG)

"The Driving Lesson," The American Lit Review (Winter 2012)


2014: Saltonstall Fellowship (CNF)
2014: Bea Gonzalez award for poetry (Stone Canoe) 2012: Creative nonfiction visiting writer, Wells College